OKGN x GHD Aprons

We can honestly say that supporting local and community-building is a way of life here in Kelowna - and the Okanagan in general - something that's become apparent since we opened our doors for business almost a year ago.

From neighbouring businesses to local customers, the energy and support we've come to know and love is truly amazing; and no local business/brand exemplifies that progressive energy more so than Okangan Lifestyle. Their four letters and icons have become a staple in the region, representing a lifestyle focused on healthy activity and local appreciation. So as you can imagine, when our homies at OKGN hollered at us about a potential collab, we jumped at the opportunity.


Introducing the first official OKGN x GHD project...


Designed and produced here in the Grey Hearts Denim Workshop, this denim utility apron is made from black unwashed lightweight denim and is the first apron from the to carry the OKGN label.

Featuring one large pocket in the front for whatever you wish, as well as an adjustable neck strap that makes it a comfortable fit for all.

So whether it's cooking, bartending, or gardening, this apron can accompany you on any adventure.

Order your OKGN4 Icon Apron online here