Law Tattoo x GHD Denim Art

Yeah, we may have a biased opinion... but we're pretty sure Pandosy street is home to more dope artisans than any other street (or avenue) in the Okanagan; from interior designers and painters, chefs and winemakers, to barbers and tattoo artists, Pandosy has it all.

And we love working with dope artists - especially on one-off pieces of kick-ass denim art!

Enter the homie Lars (aka Law Tattoo) - owner of UMI (IG @ultramagnetic_ink) which happens to be kiddie-corner from our shop here on Pandosy.

Lars is our dude. We kick it, crush tin, talk shit, ya know, homie shit... but the first time we saw bro's art work we knew that a collab was super necessary.

Several months later Lars has kicked out two of the dopest pieces of denim art we currently have in shop.

The first is back piece he painted on a lightly-worn Levis red tab denim vest. The image is so fire that we've all decided to get it tatted on us (by Lars of course).


The second... ooo wee, the second piece is an original "Grey Hearts Denim Camo" Lars fashioned and painted on the both sides of a new Levis Red Tab Hooded overshirt.


Law Tattoo x GHD 

We're honoured to work with our bro and ecstatics to have these fire pieces in-shop; you can find them available for sale online or here in store.