"Loverboy" - Denim Scratcher x Grey Hearts Denim Jacket Collab

So let me start by telling you alil about our guy "Loverboy"... we crossed paths almost a year ago now, and pretty much hit it off from the jump. A larger fella, alittle rough around the edges and abit of a drifter with plenty of stories to tell - some heartwarming and some heartbreaking... definitely wears his heart on his sleeve, but a certified badass all the same.


Our homie Baylan (aka the "Denim Scratcher") has been killing us with dope-ass hand-embroidered pieces lately, so we hollered at him to jump on a vintage Lee denim jacket and put his unique spin on it - he hit us with this gem...

"Loverboy" Jacket Details from the Denim Scratcher himself:
• Triple triangulation (triangleception)
 • barbed wire and Grey heart (reverse triangle)
• Triangulation of blood drops
• Triangulation from cobras to the top of the jacket
• 3 barbs - 3 tears - 3 ppl involved in project (myself x grey hearts)

• Single string used to freehand stitch ‘Loverboy’ to simulate a candid cursive signature
• Hearts on sleeves inspired by Paul saying Grey Hearts wears their hearts on their sleeves (in the conversation leading up to this piece)
• Sleeves represent the lover’s plight (can’t have love without heartbreak)
• Cobras - cuz they’re fucking cool


• Over 30 hours of love and collaboration have been put into this piece
• Matching laser engraved flask

We'll be auctioning this piece online with all proceeds going to the Campaign Zero Fund to stop police violence through the growth of community programs, policy reform and higher national standards of accountability.

Follow our bro Baylan on IG @denimscratcher