Kanada Day Kick Back

What a Canada (Kanada) Day it was this year - first one here at the shop, and definitely the start of a new tradition.

In light of the current social landscape (read "pandemic"), we kept the gathering modest in size... however, the grill was fired up by 11am, and the first bottles were popped and flowing shortly thereafter.

And when I say the grill was fired up, please believe me, because we definitely flexed our license to grill; ribs, sausage links, kabobs, veggie burgers and street corn - we got busy! 

Nothing beats a kickback with the homies and famo, much love to everyone who joined us to celebrate our beautiful country and nation. Blessed we are, however, these blessings come with responsibilities... responsibilities we owe to ourselves, our family, our neighbours and communities. Never have we all experienced a "life quake" simultaneously as we have this year... the choices are simple and the consequences profound - let's conduct ourselves accordingly.