Carhartt UPcycled & Reworked

With so many of our homies working in either the bar and hospitality industry, and/or artisans of some type, it's no surprise aprons have become a major category in-shop here at Grey Hearts.

Not only do we stock premium aprons from our good friends at Search Rescue Denim, but we've also begun custom-making aprons for clients from a range of occupations (more on those collaborations soon).

Most recently though, we jumped into our rework bag and upcycled a vintage pair of Carhartt double-front work pants - transforming them into a one-off utility apron. 

Featuring a cross-back strap for comfort and neck relief, as well as chest and side pockets, this piece is both functional and durable.


Another fire exclusive from Grey Hearts Denim. 


** Update ** Piece sold within hours of being available in-shop.