Grey Hearts Denim Premium Mask Drop


The first masks we dropped were up-cycled from raw selvedge denim.
Although on the lighter side of medium weight, the mask was still better suited to early spring conditions; so with the Summer fast approaching, and the requests for denim masks growing, we were left with only one option...
Lightweight denim masks for the summer.
Thanks to the homies, we were able to acquire a fair amount of Levis' "damaged" samples for reworking... two box loads... and one of those boxes was entirely women's denim jeans; that meant lightweight denim with stretch - exactly what the denim doctor ordered.


Because the jeans were women's, the mask yield per pair was quite low (compared to the large men's jeans we used previously); so each mask is one of one, one of two, or maybe one of three at the most - basically this drop is pretty exclusive shit!

Furthermore, we decided to offer a premium tier to the drop, and make a select few with Levis' red tab tags for both fashion, function and exclusivity.


Available online and in-shop while quantities last.