28 x 42 x 13 cm


side, full-grain leather straps attached with elastics, adjustable, padded shoulder straps, solid leather bottom, solid carrying handle, mobile pouch, insert pocket, two pen holder, letter size, relief embossing, patterned lining


attached front pocket with zipper section, waterproof zipper section with, padded 15” notebook compartment and additional tablet compartment, compartment with waterproof surrounding zipper with large pocket, waterproofed zipper section on backside


The robust, water-repellent cotton fabric has a silk matte coating. The leather applications are made of full cowhide. Superficial dirt can be cleaned with a damp cloth.


The water-repellent cotton fabric of the JAPAN series has a silk matte coating. Surface dirt can be removed with a soft, damp cloth. Strong friction should be avoided to protect the coating.