Grey Hearts Podcast Ep.4 - Day Ones
Paulie and Sean start by tackling the topic of Black History month as a social convention and platform for change (trends vs intentions).
Baylan sits down to talk social issues, collabs and what led him to become the "Denim Scratcher", then takes us through his Pineapple Daiquiri - Paul assists prep with style all his own, before comparing "Only Fans" to "Plenty Fans".
Day One's James Addington and Brian Atkinson join the boys on the hot seat to discuss community, affecting change and values. James also points us in the direction of best chicken sandwiches in town.
Windmills takes over the Podcast and it becomes "The Grey Mills Podcast", before Baylan rejoins to banter and help us introduce the world to "TweekR", and upcoming boxing events featuring Youtube stars and pop-culture side shows - Windmills talks sports (responsibility to be credible vs relevant). 
Intro music "Chemicals" by Indigowavv 
Beautifully Directed/Produced/Edited by Jordan Powers 
Hosted by Sean Whyte, Paul Reyes (and now Windmills) 
Guests: Baylan (aka "The Denim Scratcher"), James Addington, Brian Atkinson 
Food by Central Kelowna