Bohten Eyewear - New Brand Alert



Their state-of-the-art African-inspired eyewear is engineered to optimize the viewing experience while adding an effortless luxury to your gaze.

Founded by Nana Boateng Osei and Nana Kwadwo Osei, their products build an allure that enables them to challenge the status quo while successfully meeting the industry standard with help from some of the world’s top brand developers, engineers and artisans.



Their brand weaves history and future simultaneously, combining a love of African nature, new-age fashion, deep-rooted culture and contemporary lifestyle.

Their vision is simple: shift cultural paradigms, optimize the eyewear experience and bridge the lineage between our forefathers and the generations of the future.



Bohten operates locally across Africa and supports environmental sustainability, eyecare, and youth employment.

They incorporate sustainable practices in their operations and products, and run tree planting programs in Ghana and Kenya to help turn the tide against rising deforestation.

Furthermore, thye work with local communities on eyewear education and accessibility and provide employment opportunities to combat some of the highest youth unemployment levels in the world.

Bohten's eyewear aims to connect people to nature, each other and themselves.  They invite you to be part of their vision of change.



WE SEE YOU is a creative expression that engages the diversity of ourselves and others. Bohten operate under four guiding principles:

1. RESPECT in appreciation of the presence of others.

2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT to our daily heroes who lack representation.

3. HONOR in seeing our values, needs and aspirations.

4. GROWTH in celebrating the improvement of people and the communities they serve.