Ben Arcega x Grey Hearts Denim

Are we ever pumped on our first Artist x Grey Hearts Denim collaboration! But before we get into that, let's jump back a couple months before we opened our doors to the public....

We knew from the moment of conception that our shop space needed a dope mural; something that embodied our vibe and that would become synonymous with time spent in the Grey Hearts physical space.

Well-known throughout the Okanagan for his paintings and large murals, we knew there was only one artist for the job - enter Ben Arcega - and did he ever kill the project!

From the moment Ben started transforming our blank wall into a shop experience, it was obvious we had to keep this ball rolling in the form of some type of collaboration; of course we were thinking something to do with denim...

Our pitch went all something like this:

"Hey bro, how you feel about painting a denim jacket? Pick any piece in the shop you wanna bless, and it's yours to do as you please..."

Luckily for us, Ben was interested. He popped by the shop one afternoon, joined us for a cold one, and chose his canvas - a "large" All-Saints faded black denim jacket with a black corduroy collar (great choice amigo!)

Every couple weeks Ben would tease us with some IG story posts offering glimpses of his work of art in progress... we were so hyped to see the finished piece... and wow did he ever knock this one out the park!!

The piece is a one-off, and only available at Grey Hearts Denim in-shop or online.