Upcycled Cotton Non-Medical Protective Mask


Our Upcycled Cotton Non-Medical Protective Mask is now available for preorder.

If you’re feeling like us, then you’re probably looking for ways to help relieve the strain on our front line and essential workers, as well as assist the push through this unprecedented challenge we face as a people.

Assistance can come in various forms, and for us, helping produce non-medical facemasks is one such way we can effectively contribute to the relief efforts. 

We’re proud of our efforts to produce and donate one mask for every mask sold for consumer usage, however, as a small business who opened February of this year - impeccable timing on our part - we can’t help but acknowledge the limits of our current economic landscape and financial situation.

So in a bid to increase the number of masks available for donation, and the number of those in need assisted, we’re offering a program to enable third-party sponsors to pay for the production and distribution of cotton non-medical facemasks. These masks can be sent to recipients already in contact with us here at Greyhearts, or to destinations of the sponsors choosing.

We will facilitate the production of “x number” of masks ordered, and their confirmed delivery to the recipient(s) indicated by the charitable donor (in their name if they choose).

These reusable masks will be made from new upcycled cotton, and come in various soft colours and prints suitable for uniforms and work environments - available for order in our online store and retail for $10/

Small: Length 6”/ width 6.5”/ elastic 6”
Medium: length 7”/ width 7.5”/ elastic 6”
Large: length 7”/ width7.5”/ elastic 7”

We wish you and yours health and progression.