Japan Blue J316 Circle Straight 14oz Zimbabwe x Australian Cotton Vintage Selvedge - BLK


J316 Black 14oz Zimbabwe x Australian Cotton Vintage Selvedge

The new jeans line "CIRCLE" from JAPAN BLUE JEANS, which has received high praise from denimheads worldwide, is line that offers the following:
Drawing a curve "curve belt" = one of the origins of the name CIRCLE.
The pattern, which used to be a straight belt, are renewed and a “curved belt” are used to pursue a fit around the waist.
New jeans that make it easier to wear real denim without compromising on production, and that can be used in any lifestyle.
The four cuts are connected by circle, and we are extremely committed to the making of Made in Kojima.

Fabric is a mixture of soft and shiny high-grade cotton Zimbabwe cotton, and a naturally textured Australian cotton - wearers can enjoy deep fading denim due to the sulfer black dyed yarn for both cottons.
Zipper Fly with black leather patch black/red/white selvedge tape and black hardware
The straight cut extends straight and is based on a classic straight model that gently tapers the hem from the thigh to the hem to make your legs look neat.

・ 14oz Medium thick denim
・ Deep discoloration of sulfide black
・ Red ears (Selvedge)
・ 100% cotton